Pre-Conquest Bodies

An Analysis of Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Scandinavian Skeletons from Across York

Recent carbon 14 dating on four skeletons from The Queen’s Hotel site, south of the River Ouse, and seven further individuals from the cemetery associated with St Benet’s Church on Swinegate have produced dates from the Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Scandinavian period. Pre-conquest burials in York are surprisingly rare therefore these burials, together with four from Coppergate, two from Hungate and two from the cemetery at St Helen’s on the Walls, have been further analysed with others from across the City to find out more about life and death in the city 1,000 years ago.

This project gathered together the dating and pathology reports as well as some specialist research on associated small finds and coffins from the various sites to help start to paint a fuller picture of life and death in pre-Conquest York.

Displays using the data gathered and the skeletons researched have been created for our programme of touring exhibitions including ‘Valhalla’, ‘Heroes’, ‘Jorvik Life and Death’ and JORVIK itself.

Excavation Report

Archaeological Investigations at 12-18 Swinegate, 14 Little Stonegate and 18 Back Swinegate

Osteological Report

Skeletons 15548,30944, 30979, and 36318. Coppergate 1981.7

Skeletons 13 and 49. Hungate 2006.5201

Skeleton numbers: 3379,3381, 3492, 7061, 14007, 14071, 15042. 12-18 Swinegate, 14 Little Stonegate & 18 Back Swinegate 1989/90.28 and 1990.1

Skeleton numbers: 6064, 7118, 7137, 7147 and 7161 from The Queen’s Hotel, York 1989.17

Carbon-14 Reports

Anglo-Scandinavian burials from St Benet’s Church, Swinegate:

Sample Reference: 1989.28 context 3381

Sample Reference: 1990.28 context 3492

Sample Reference: 1990.1 context 14071

1-9 Micklegate, Queen’s Hotel:

Sample Reference: 1989.17 SK 6064

Sample Reference: 1989.17 SK 7118

Sample Reference: 1989.17 SK 7147

Sample Reference: 1989.17 SK 7137

16-22 Coppergate:

Sample Reference: 1982.22 Sk 1943

Sample Reference: 1981.7 SK 36318

Sample Reference: 1981.7 SK 30944

Sample Reference: 1981.7 SK 30979

Sample Reference: 1981.7 SK 15548

Sample Reference: 1981.7 SK 32803

St Helen’s on the Walls, Aldwark:

Sample Reference: 1974.5.5168

Sample Reference: 1974.5.5740

Specialist Reports

Isotope Analysis of the Coppergate Skeletons

The Pre-Conquest Coffins from 12-19 Swinegate and 18 Back Swinegate

A Furnished Grave in the Cemetery of St Benet’s Church