Crime and Punishment in 19th Century York

Analysing Three Skeletons from the Women’s Prison

 Three skeletons from the 19th century were discovered at the site of the women’s prison at York Castle. Evidence seems to indicate that these individuals had been autopsied, but why and how? To answer these questions we have undertaken a new pathological study of the skeletons to determine if they can provide us with the basis of a scientific examination of autopsies, medical techniques and medicine in the early Victorian period. This project also produced a historical exploration of crime and punishment in York in the 19th century.

Project Reports

Analysing the Skeletons Excavated at the former Female Prison by Jayne Rimmer

Skeletons in the Cupboard – Excavations at the Former Female Prison, York Castle Car Park, 1988 by D.T.Evans

Osteological Report

Skeleton numbers: 9053, 9056, 9067. The Former Female Prison, York Castle Car Park, York