Horse Harnesses and Papal Bullae found at Peasholme Green, York

An Analysis of Small Finds from the Peasholm Excavations

During excavations in 2014 at Haymarket, Peasholme Green, York, a number of interesting individual artefacts were discovered that present us with a keyhole into specific stories.

Two horse harness pendants were unearthed which were thought, on excavation, to include enamel coats of arms. X-rays have now been used to uncover these coats of arms and be used as a starting point for research into the provenance of the horse harness pendants and to shed information on the secular building found nearby – for example who lived there?

The site at Peasholme Green also revealed a further three burials, where the individuals buried there were found with papal bullae. These lead alloy objects were originally used as seals and take their name from official papal documents sent out from Rome to which they would originally have been attached. A new report explores these interesting and rare objects and tries to uncover why they may have been buried here in York.

Project Reports

Papal Bullae from Peasholme Green, York by N. Rogers, with thanks to Dr. T. Pestell Pendants Found at the Haymarket, Peasholme Green, York

Pendants Found at the Haymarket, Peasholme Green, York, by N. Rogers and I. Szymanski, with M. Felter. Illustrations by L. Collett and I. Szymanski