Post-medieval York

Finds from Tudor to Late 18th-century York

From the Judges Lodging, to Bedern, to Skeldergate, to Pawson’s Warehouse; these sites in the centre of York have revealed a wealth of objects from the late medieval to the early 18th-century periods. We have further examined, photographed and researched objects from these important excavations carried out in the 1980’s and 1990’s making them exhibition-ready for the future.

To complete the work we seconded five of our Front of House Team to dedicate themselves to uncovering more from these important post-medieval sites in York. These five were; Paul Toy, Helen Houghton, Kate Fletcher, Zoe Durrant-Walker and Martin Whittaker. Working with YAT’s own historical researcher the team produced the project reports below.

Project Reports

A History of St Peter’s School circa 1557 – 1644 at the Union Terrace Site by P. Toy

A Report On The Bedern And Henlys Garage Excavations, York by J.M. McComish

A Report On Various Excavations In York With Post-Medieval Artefacts Of Note by J.M. McComish

A Witch bottle from Judges Lodging, York by N. Rogers

A Witch Bottle from the Judges Lodging, York, And its 16th and 17th Century Context by M Whittaker

Comb making industry in York during the 19th century by Z. Durrant-Walker

Finds from the former Site of St Peter’s School, Union Terrace, York by N Rogers

Pawsons Warehouse, Skeldergate, York by K Fletcher

St Mary’s in the Horsefair, The Medieval Hospital at Union Terrace, York by H. Houghton

The Rougier family, Comb making in York by N. Rogers, with thanks to Dr S. O’Connor

Witch Bottle Judge’s Lodging 1983.45 SF271 Report on Fibre Analysis by Dr. M. Gleba